Why copywriting is the cornerstone of online business

Who needs copywriters, right?

You are standing in a barren wasteland. All around you are deep smoking craters and dotted about, here and there, skeleton silhouettes of blackened trees pierce the grey skyline with their splintered boughs.

Where are you? Why are you in this empty battlefield, devoid of all life?

You take a step forward. Crunch. You look down and you are standing on shattered glass, sticks and bones. You recoil.

What is this? Some sort of hell?

You decide to press on, in the hope that you can escape this wretched underworld. Winding left and right, you carefully skirt the craters that litter the landscape, keeping your eyes on the horizon.

As you’re walking, you become aware of a rumbling. Is it the aftershocks of some violent explosion or the precursor to something worse? 

The vibrations increase. Scanning the horizon, you spot a growing smudge, a line that wasn’t there before. The smudge turns into a cloud. The cloud turns into something tangible, a dark wall of dust approaching.

You press on, eyes firmly fixed on the ground in front of you.

The compulsion to look up overwhelms you. Through the billowing wall of dust, you make out indistinct shapes, forging forward, on an unstoppable path. You swallow hard and prepare yourself for the battle.

But you are completely unarmed. You have nothing to defend yourself. You start to panic even more, while scanning the ground for something, anything to prevent your impending doom.

Your reach down into the dirt. You find a sharp edge. What is it? You dig deeper. Is this your salvation? Eventually, you free it from the dirt. You are holding a wooden word, about a foot long. It seems weak, and fragile. There’s no way you can use this to defend yourself.

You hold it up, turn it over – it says ‘good’.


What’s wrong with ‘good’?

This is the problem all businesses face, from startups to huge corporations. You face an uncertain time, whether it’s building, sustaining or growing. It’s a constant battle that takes courage, creativity, will power and good old fashioned blood, sweat and tears.

To do this alone is crazy.

With average words, it is impossible.

To successfully negotiate this battlefield, to slay whatever foe stands between you and your success, there is only one weapon you need – a damn good copywriter.

A good copywriter speaks directly to your audience, tapping into their feelings, their hopes and fears, their desires. They forge strong bonds between them and your business. A good copywriter empathises with your audience, puts their arm around them and says ‘Hey! I know. We got this.’ A good copywriter doesn’t sell; they draw the audience in, engaging them, entertaining them, making them laugh, weep or jump for joy. Your readers are transported, taken on a journey of your making.

And they buy it. 

They buy into you, your values and your principles because you connected with them. You are on their side. They are now your allies.