Storytelling blog

As part of my copywriting course for The Creative Copywriter Academy, I was tasked with writing the opening to a blog that focuses on storytelling and how effective it can be in engaging the audience.

A single bead of sweat slowly trickles down the side of your face. You struggle to calm the thousand thoughts tumbling about in your head.


Think, think, think.

You reach down into your belt and pull out the snips. Carefully, carefully, you bring the snips closer to the device. Your heartbeat hammers in your chest, double the time of the numbers counting down on the digital display in front of you.

Now is the moment. It’s make or break.

It’s what you were trained for. Red or blue. It’s a simple choice. Two simple, flimsy little wires to choose from yet with two very different outcomes. Your training tells you which wire but fear has gripped you. You know it’s red but the blue looks so alluring.

Now. Do it.

You grip the snips, exhale and squeeze them together.


Pause. Silence.

Then it all goes black.

Not the outcome you were expecting, right? But it had you gripped, didn’t it? This is the power of storytelling. Why fumble around like a lovesick teenager, unable to find the words to win the heart of the girl of his dreams? With storytelling, you can engage, enthral and enthuse your reader until they are putty in your hands. You can take them on a personal, emotional journey that they just weren’t expecting, luring them in, until they are primed and ready to choose blue, or red. Wait? What? Boom!