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This is a task I completed for The Creative Copywriter Academy course. I was tasked with creating a couple of emails, one a promotional email offering discount on skincare products and a follow-up, lead nurturing email.


20% off your perfect summer skin.

With the warmer weather fast approaching, your thoughts are turning to sun, sand, beaches and days out. Excitement for those long days builds and the window to get your skin summer ready grows shorter with each lighter morning.

Don’t worry. At Smootheru we’ve got you and your skin covered.

Get summer skin ready with 20% off our exclusive Summer Skin pack. You’ll get that smooth summer skin you crave with our Smootheru Summer Skin: Restore Moisturiser. And get a head start on the sun with our Summer Glow: Gentle Tanning Moisturiser.

Just log in to your account at Smootheru.com and add the Summer Skin pack to your basket. Use the code: Summerskin to claim your 20% discount. And then relax, knowing that you’ve got your summer skin sorted.

Use this code within 3 days.

Lead Generating

Hey [name]

Well done for completing your skincare questionnaire. That’s the first step. Now you’re ready to take the next step in getting your skin summer-ready.

We know winter is hard. It’s cold, it’s rainy and it seems to be constantly dark. It’s also hard on your skin. Your skin has probably been buried under layer upon layer of thermals, tights, woolly jumpers, jeans and raincoats. It has been hibernating, right?

But with the onset of spring, like the daffodils popping their heads up just before the snow, it can be hard on your skin to start exposing it again after months in hibernation. It doesn’t feel right, does it? And that’s worse if you don’t feel ready. Where do you start?

Don’t worry. We’ve got your back. (and your legs and bum and tum)

Just follow our simple spring skin guide to get your skin ready for the warm months ahead. It’s that easy. In no time you’ll be summer ready with healthy, glowing skin.

  • First, you need to shed your winter coat. Exfoliating is the key. Take away those layers so you can start afresh.
  • Moisturise more. It may seem silly. You always moisturise, right? But in spring your skin is thirsty. Undernourished. So moisturise more, especially at night to give it the nutrients it needs.
  • Keep it clean (and simple). Ditch those heavy moisturisers and cleansers. Go for something lighter and more balanced. It gives your skin the breathing space it needs.

It’s never too early to start waking your skin up from its slumber. And you’ve done the hard part by taking the first step. In no time you’ll have your skin all smooth, healthy and summer-ready.

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