Shelter Landing Page

This is a Christmas Landing page that I created for the homeless charity Shelter as part of The Creative Copywriter Academy course. It was my competition entry, which came second. NB: I have since edited to improve the CTA and a sense of urgency.

Do they know it’s Christmas?

Christmas is magical.

Not for the commercialism. Not for the hype. Not for the pressure it puts on us all for the ‘perfect’ Christmas.

It is magical for the feelings that Christmas evokes.

Because Christmas is a time for giving, sharing, laughing, hugging, smiling and screaming with excitement. It’s a time for friends from near and far. Mad uncle Dave and his awful jokes. Nana and the sherry. Family close and not so close. It’s a time to shed the shackles of everyday life and live, smile, breathe, laugh, love and just be. Letting down barriers, catching up, getting on, falling out and making up. It’s a time for kindness, compassion, listening and remembering.

And yes. You can have that extra mince pie!

Christmas Worries

But that’s not to say Christmas isn’t stressful. We all worry about Christmas, right?

Have I done enough roast potatoes? Will everyone get on? Will we get everything done before Christmas day?

Will we ever finish all that turkey?

A Homeless Christmas

For some people, Christmas is full of fears and worries of a very different kind.

Because more than 200,000 families will not just be worrying about that new turkey recipe this Christmas. They will be worrying about having a roof over their heads.

Or if they have to spend money on heating, rather than presents.

Or if they will have to share a room, a bed or a blanket.

Or if they will have to sofa surf, miles from their families, in a Bed and Breakfast (if they are lucky) or in a hostel?

Or worse, sleep rough!

I want to give someone a home this Christmas

Clavia’s Story

Clavia, a single mum of two, spent 8 years constantly moving between hostels and temporary accommodation across South London.

She remembers not having a key to her flat and waiting outside with a baby in her arms until someone let her in. Or when she entered a flat to find it had no cooker or furniture. ‘I slept with my baby on the carpet until I could afford to buy furniture. This was before the two sewage leaks.’

After falling behind with rising rent costs, she was evicted and resorted to sofa surfing, while she slept on the floor.Clavia finds it difficult even contemplating being homeless at Christmas.‘In my head, if I start to think about it, I start crying. You simply want to provide a meal and home for your kids, and love and support and I’m missing the main one – the home.’

I want to help people like Clavia

Hidden Homelessness

Street homelessness is the tip of the iceberg.

These are families. The hidden homelessness you don’t see.

Mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers make up the 1 in 185 people who suffer some form of homelessness. In England alone, 60,000 of these desperate people are women. And shockingly, 125,000 children do not have a permanent roof over their heads.

Give the gift of Christmas

You can make a huge difference to people like Clavia and her family this Christmas. Christmas is fast upon us so act now. Time is running out for you to get your presents – time is running out for them just to find somewhere to live.

Donate £5 to help a family secure some safe accommodation this Christmas.

Donate £10 to help a family have a Christmas dinner

Donate £20 and those children will have a present to unwrap on Christmas morning.

You can make a profound difference. For the price of some profiteroles. Or a couple of bottles of Bucks Fizz.

Give the gift of Christmas.

I want to give a family a Christmas