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This is a task I created for The Creative Copywriter Academy course. I was tasked with creating a compelling and engaging landing page for a seafood restaurant, incorporating a range of techniques, including storytelling, USP and a clear CTA.

Seafood like you’ve never seen seafood before

Unique, inspired and creative seafood, straight from the sea to the table – ours or yours.

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You love fresh seafood but you are tired of the traditional fare that you can find in any restaurant up and down the English Coast. We at Brown’s think you deserve more. So we’ve created a sumptuous menu of inspired seafood dishes to transport you around the world and back again. So put down those cockles and dive in.

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‘Reinventing seafood with dishes inspired from around the world’

No one loves seafood more than us. That’s why we get up at 4 am to pick the best ingredients for our menus. (It also helps that we are related to most of the fishermen in the harbour). But we at Brown’s want to offer something different. So, the chefs at Brown’s use ingredients from around the world to craft beautiful dishes that complement our fresh seafood which always takes centre stage.

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‘A perfect blend of tradition and innovation’

Browns has been a fixture on the seafront for over 50 years, offering a diverse menu packed with sumptuous seafood dishes. Located overlooking the harbour, Jack Brown started selling seafood here to the locals and quickly built up a reputation for wonderful seafood dishes that attracted visitors from far and wide.

Over the years, Brown’s has evolved, experimenting more and more with unique and exotic ingredients that can showcase the wide range of seafood we have to offer. But we know you still want traditional seafood dishes. You will find some firm favourites on our menu, just like grandfather Jack first created, with a magical Brown’s twist.

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‘Seafood with principles – no compromise’