About me

Hi, I’m Gary: a copywriter, content creator and digital marketer based in Gloucestershire.

As a Creative Copywriter, it is my job to get under the skin of your brand, your product or service and tap into the emotions of your audience.

Basically, I annoy them into submission.

I use words to weave a story and take your audience on a journey, tapping into your values and principles and aligning them with your target audience through blogging, creative content, emailing and conversion copy.

I make words work for you (because I’m just too damn lazy).

Technically, I have my own word sweatshop (so don’t tell Amnesty).

I also have a background in education so I pride myself on my ability to write clear, coherent copy to suit any need, grammatically en pointe, on brand and on time. It also means I am good at moaning and very used to being taken advantage of.

When I’m not writing killer copy (which is, like, never) I like to indulge in some proper FA or pretending to read books from lists of influential books that I find on the internet while secretly playing games on my mobile. 

Other pastimes include: stalking our cats (just to see how they like it), winding up our resident garden woodpecker, Steve, frowning at traffic or perfecting my impressions (my Tusken Raider kicks ass). 

Oh, and spending time with the family and that!

Please get in touch if you would like a chat about how I can help you reach your audience. Or anything for that matter – copywriting is a lonely business. (Grammarly is my only current friend and we all know that he/she/it is a tw@t!)

me working apparently
that wall needs painting
worky work work